Happy Face Family Preschool





  • My name is Elena Ramirez, and I have operated Happy Face Family Preschool since January 12, 2004 at 631 Hearst Avenue in San Francisco, CA 94112. Prior to January 2004, I informally worked as a home care educator, along with my assistant for over 9 years. However, when I become a mother myself I wanted to formalize my Early Care Education services and get license, recognizing the importance of licensing and the great need for Early Care sites to serve a large number of families.  


    Meeting a parent’s need for Early Care is not only about providing an environment where the child is safe with adult supervision, but a place where a child is able to learn and have an enriching experience in early childhood development.  


    Additionally, I have a Bachelors of Arts in Raza Studies with a focus in Early Childhood Education. My Professional development allows me to provide a high-quality education for children under my care. 






Purpose and Goals

  •    At Happy Face Family Preschool we feel that if children learn to see themselves as competent individuals in these early years, they will be confident and better able to meet the challenges presented in everyday life. Happy Face offers a curriculum, which emphasize the value of self-esteem. The importance of personal discovery and the respect for individual differences children are natural learners. They are born with curiosity that encourages them to question, explore and discover the world around them. Happy Face is committed to provide a safe, nurturing, and stimulating learning environment in which they can begin to learn to function in group situations.  

    Our developmental doing approach program mixes structures a thematic curriculum of art, music, language and service activities, with free play blocks, games, puzzles, manipulative, outdoor toys and play structure.  



    Each child’s individual style dictates his/her choice of activities, and spontaneity as well as routine care integrated into the day. Music, movement, storytelling, role-play and physical activity are mainstays of the program. In addition children may participate in visits to neighborhood playgrounds and out things to destinations, which tie into our thematic curriculum. Parents are welcome to visit the program at any time and are encouraged to participate in our field trips. 






A Typical Day

• Happy Face Hours are between 8:00 am - 5:30 pm. We maintain a daly schedule that varies in activities according to the monthly theme or the children's interests and feelings are that day.

  • Arrive - hand washing - free play

  • Healthy breakfast

  • Circle time (books, calendar and feelings, plan for the day)

  • Pre-K projects at 10 am in small groups

  • Outdoor play and discoveries 11 am

  • Lunch is served at noon

  • Quiet/nap time from 1pm-3pm

  • Snack time 3:10 pm

  • Outdoor or indoor play, clean up, getting ready for parents' pick up time

We spend about 2 hours daily outdoors, in our backyard where we play with our gross motor and sensory activities. Our field trips is usually in the Bay area visiting museums, zoo, parks etc...


Elena Ramirez  Program Director/Lead Teacher

Elena Ramirez

Program Director/Lead Teacher

Our Teachers

I have a Bachelors in Arts in Raza Studies with concentration in Early Care Education. However much of my knowledge in the field comes from actual experience with children and families, and my commitment to the community of Early Care Educators.

My passion for the Early Care field begun since I was a young child always playing the role of a teacher. I am committed to protect early childhood from the demands of rigorous academic pressures and standardized tests, and promoting the value of play and its role in the learning process.